Moments that Made Me – Your Stories of Growth and Inspiration

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Life is an amazing journey and each of us navigates our own path, learning our own lessons along the way.

I’ve always taken inspiration from the stories of others’ lives and from the moments that defined them – stories of achievement, of great happiness, of sadness, of hope.

There are so many moments that make up the rich tapestries of each of our lives and I would like to celebrate this by featuring stories – anonymous or otherwise – from anybody that would like to share their ‘Moments That Made Me’.

Call for your stories

I would like to feature short stories, quotes, pictures – basically anything that represents a key moment (or moments) in your life that was particularly significant, that made you who you are today.

It may be something that forever changed your outlook on life, that taught you an important lesson, that made you view yourself, a significant other, or the world in a different way. It may be something else entirely; whatever it is, it will be something that makes you uniquely you.

Please contact me at using the form below if you’re interested in sharing your story. No need to write an essay, just say hi and we’ll take it from there!  It might be something we chat about on the phone or discuss over a cuppa, you may wish to write something yourself or have me write something for you – it’s entirely up to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing your stories and inspiring others.

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